Developer Google told about all the horrors of working on Google+

Google recently announced the closure of Google+. Developer Morgan’s Twitter shared a series of tweets, where he talked about all the details and horrors of working on Google+. After reading the material information about the closure of the service should not be something surprising.

Morgan began his story of who he was before working at Google:

“Now, when Google+ was closed, I have to take off all the dirty linen of how terrible was the project steering team.

I’m still angry at the deception and my translation they produced, stating that transferred to work on Google Chrome, then putting on this godforsaken piece of shit (Google+) on the first day.

It will be very slow rage, rooted in those times. I will continue to write in the next few days. I’ll start with the background and explained that left behind made me more miserable in regards to the culture in which I found myself.

I’ve spent most of my early career to work at two non-profit organizations. I was the only designer who worked on 4-5 projects simultaneously. Everything was based on activism and has been used by millions of people.

That’s how I was teething, how I learned to be a designer, which are now. More importantly, the people I worked with was, in my opinion, some of the best people on the planet. Highly intelligent, sensitive, caring, and real role models. I love them.

You probably don’t know who they are, but if you are reading this, you’ve probably seen their work. Perhaps OpenCongress or Miro, or maybe subtitrata platform Amara, partner of Vimeo. Of course “fight the future” (a non-profit rights group in the area of digital rights founded in 2011), our defenders of the Internet, which appeared immediately after me.”

After Morgan started talking about his work at Google. After the wedding in 2008 Morgan decided to find a better job, after some time, Google asked him to interview to work on Google Chrome as a designer:

“Me? Are you kidding me?”

Morgan couldn’t imagine a better job of this. After the interview Google got in touch with Morgan, so he continued to look for work. After 3-4 months he was contacted by representatives of the company, saying that he took it to work.

The first day was very strange. All put in a room next to each lay a paper with the name of the team, which will work just adopted by the employee. Morgan went to work on Google+. At this point he thought it was only temporary, after all, had originally planned to work on Chrome, but he was dead wrong.

After some time Morgana had a short tour of the building Google. At this point, he was very surprised how ridiculous and tasteless was the interior of the building.

For Google+ was created special conditions, as the floor team was located right next to the floor of Google CEO Larry page. All adjacent floor belonged to Paige, there was a bar and rooms with the entertainment that was available only to the team page and Google+. Such privileges were obtained through Vic Gundotra (Vice President of Google+), he was charismatic, flirting with the girls team and to a certain extent could influence the leaders of Google.

Desk Morgana was right next to the office of Vika:

Vic didn’t tell me all the time no words. Not a “Hello” or “Bye” or “Thank you” for the work outside of business hours.

If you team Android or Gmail somehow integrated functions of Google+, it’s a promised prize. Morgan has the impression that Google+ is important to the company.

Like many companies, Google has certain rules. For example, he was asked about how hard he worked to Google. Then assigned a level designer of the second level (low level) and a salary that was below market. The aim of Google is to pay you less money in return for the full benefit.

On the second day of working at Google, Morgan noticed that 90% of designers Google+ got my first job and had no experience. To Google they not worked anywhere. And it surprised him a lot.

Later, Morgan began work on a new task. He developed a window where the user saw the friends list on the right, and if you expand the window to full screen to view the dialogues themselves. Something similar later showed Apple with iMessage. He also reworked ridiculous at the time, Google+, Morgan wanted to integrate all services into one since at that time they all worked separately from each other.

Then he showed a project with a chat with her Manager Greg, who endorsed it and offered to go to one of the more important leaders in this hierarchical chain. Morgan showed the project and received the following reply:

“Ha ha, we’re not going to do. I/O is close and we spent 4 months to develop an extension for Chrome that does something similar. Plus if you get the same functionality, we will be ridiculed”.

Morgan was surprised at this response:

“He said something about the Chrome extension? At least he understood what I told him just showed? He’s an idiot?”

Overall, Google Morgana was not as beautiful as it had seemed to him. In Google all worked separately from each other. Nobody had an idea about the company’s products and how everything will work on the final stage. Not had General ideas about what other teams are doing. The members of the teams had ideas about what others are doing members of the team. Morgan it was difficult to find friends in the team, because everyone was busy with his business and did not want to contact.

Besides, Google is much hypocrisy within the teams, Morgan was faced with a situation where one designer by the name of Jim, which was replaced by the works of Morgan, approached him and said that many people don’t like what he does is a manifestation of envy, pure and simple. Then Morgan offered to jointly finalize the draft, has scheduled a meeting, which missed my grandmother’s funeral. While Jim at the meeting did not come because of a headache. Morgan was furious at the situation, he shared it with the Manager Greg that the next morning, invited Morgan to come to his office.

Greg said that Morgan is aiming for a leadership position (the Morgan wasn’t even thinking about it) and at the same time put the head of Jim Morgan. Morgan was horrified by what is happening. When I returned home after work he was fully confident that you do not want to go back to work at Google.

For those who want to fully read the thread of tweets Morgan, can go to this link, we are, perhaps, at this stop.

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