Developer company to develop messaging Kik promise that he will not close

The company announced (Kia splash interactive fountain) Kik Interactive – developer to develop instant messaging (Kia) Kik – in the month of last September it intends to shut down the app, which was launched 10 years ago, but today it’s back to cool fan app.

The company said in a tweet on social networking site Twitter: “Great News: (application) K-Pak! There are some exciting plans to make the app better. There are more details soon. Stay tuned!”.

The Canadian police have said last month: it will shrink from the messaging application to focus on the work of its encrypted named (Ken) Kin, so because of the lawsuit faced by the company with the authorities of America, a distinct form of the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC on the way to selling the work of its users.

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Founder and CEO (Kia splash interactive fountain) – (Ted Livingston) last month in a publication on the company blog: the company decided – in order to win in this battle – stop the entire application, will lay off more than 100 employees, and a focus on converting users (Ken) to the buyers.

But Livingstone posted a tweet earlier in the month of October being preached where they signed a “letter of intent” with a large corporation wished to buy the application (Kia), said the app will bring millions of users, as it will require integration work (and Ken) with the application. Noted at the time that any deal official has not yet signed.

And now it seems that the company officially signed that page that allows to apply the (K) to continue, but she didn’t reveal any other details reveal the name of the company that bought the app.

Referred to that application (Kia) – which was launched in 2010 which the number of users to 300 million users – is facing accusations that he is an harasser two children, and sue the Canadian company by the SEC, which regulates the financial market in the country.

And my SEC to the Canadian company launched its digital encrypted in an attempt to restore the money that was lose running through the messaging application.

The application (Kia) popular among children in the first place, thanks to features that allow users to join groups, and send emoji, exercise games, listening to music. The application contains more than 15 million monthly users, and does not require a phone number or real name for registration, which show his growth, and his connection to crimes of prejudice against children, experts have warned security parents need to monitor their children’s use of inquiry.

Found an investigation by the BBC last year that (K) has appeared in more than 1,100 cases of child sexual abuse in five years.

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