Developed environmentally friendly air conditioners on the basis of magnets

In warm time of the year to cope with the heat without air conditioning is extremely difficult. However refill them cooling agents are extremely harmful for the environment. A group of engineers from Germany, it seems, have found a way out of the situation, developing a system of cooling that does not harm the atmosphere. Moreover, its principle of operation is based on the so-called “magnetic memory”.

The fact that heating and cooling the magnetic properties of some metals change, and they may purchase ferromagnitnyi properties. That is, they simply begin to possess magnetization in the absence of an external magnetic field. As explained by one of the authors Professor Oliver Gutfleisch in an interview,

“For example, the iron becomes ferromagnetic at temperatures below 768 ° C, while Nickel below minus 360 degrees. But some other metals “transformersa” when heated. However, the alloys with shape memory placed in an external magnetic field below the transition temperature, they are instantly cooled. The stronger the magnetic field — the more cold be alloys. Just a few years ago alloys with magnetic memory can be used for cooling in a magnetic field only once.”

Of course, “disposable air conditioning” — highly questionable invention, therefore, it was necessary to overcome this limitation. To do this, scientists from the Technical University of Darmstadt used a Nickel alloy, magnesium, and India. This material was selected from the fact that his transition to the ferromagnet occurs at room temperature. As the source of the magnetic field used was a neodymium magnet with additives of iron and boron. As a result, the alloy when exposed to a magnet cooled by a few degrees. After removal of the metal from the magnetic field and placing it on the radiator, has occurred the instant absorption of heat, and the alloy returned to its original state. Thus such a scheme can be used as “infinite fuel” to air-conditioners, refrigerators and other cooling systems.

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