Developed a means of immunotherapy for neurodegenerative diseases

It has long been known that the cause of the development of many neurodegenerative processes of the brain (including Alzheimer’s disease) is the accumulation of amyloid protein that causes the formation of so called amyloid plaques and cognitive function. However, the group of researchers from the Gladstone Institute in examining this process, I came across not only another way of formation of diseases, but also developed a new tool for therapy of brain lesions.

One of the ways already mentioned of the formation of amyloid plaques is increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and the passage of protein into the tissues of the brain. The BBB is a structure that represents a physiological barrier between the circulatory system and the Central nervous system and protecting the latter from exposure to a variety of factors.

However, researchers from the Gladstone Institute found that through the BBB when violations of its functions can take place and other protein — fibrin. It plays a very important function in blood coagulation, but to be present in the brain it is extremely undesirable. The presence of fibrin in the nervous tissue causes an inflammatory reaction, which, as you know, only contributes to the processes of degeneration of tissues. The researchers had a difficult task: on the one hand they had to give the protein to cause inflammation, and on the other to preserve its clotting function.

In the course of work the experts have developed immunotherapeutic drug that blocks the inflammatory and oxidative activity of fibrin, without compromising the beneficial properties of the protein. Further in the study of the effectiveness of the substances, the scientists took 2 lines of laboratory animals that suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis. In both cases, the drug penetrated into the brain and accumulate in areas of deposition of fibrin, which protects against the development of inflammatory and neurodegenerative processes.

But that’s not all. With the introduction of the drug to mice with advanced stage Alzheimer’s disease with accumulation of a large number of amyloid, the clinical picture is also improved and the destruction of nervous tissue was much slower than that of the group of animals that did not receive treatment.

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