Developed a blood test that detects sleep deprivation in drivers

One of the most common causes of accidents (along with alcohol) is the fatigue associated with sleep deprivation. While formerly most of these accidents occurred outside the city with people travelling long distance, today due to modern lifestyles sleep deprivation is increasingly a cause of accidents in the city limits. But, in contrast to the already mentioned consumption of alcohol, lack of sleep is not so easy to identify. However, a group of scientists from the UK have been able to identify in the blood biomarkers, the presence of which suggests that to control the car may be unsafe.

According to the Foundation for AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, lack only 2 hours of sleep increases the risk of an emergency in almost 50%. These data were obtained as a result of widespread research in which participated as drivers and people managing other modes of transport: pilots, train drivers and drivers of motorcycles.

Research to identify biomarkers indicating the lack of sleep, was conducted at the University of Surrey and led the work of Professor Simon Archer. To participate in the experiment, we selected 36 people. Some of them did not sleep one night, and others chronically not getting enough sleep during the week. The result was identified markers for sleep deprivation and associated risks. From the blood test were allocated matrix mRNA (messenger RNA), short fragments of which have been analyzed by a program based on artificial intelligence. In comparison with blood samples of the people taken at the moment when they slept a normal amount of time, was discovered 86 markers, the presence of which with a probability of 92% suggests that people do not get enough sleep.

But unfortunately, EN masse to adopt this technology and give the police special analyzers will not work. As the state of not being able to sleep very individually and can be identified only having the blood sample of the same person, but enough sleep. And if the patrol police to check the driver how well he slept until, that owners of transport, airline and railway companies are quite capable of it, because after all, they test their employees for the presence in blood of alcohol and drugs.

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