Determine the activity of the Apple Watch Next will be the International Women’s day

Challenges the activity of the Apple Watch with the next challenge which will start on March 8. It aims to encourage users of the Apple Watch to be more active during the celebration of International Women’s day.

Requires the rules of the next challenge users to cut a distance of 1 mile whether walking or running, or even on a wheelchair, will be held on Friday 8 March. When you’re finished, you will open a completed special activity application activity Activity on the iPhone. The challenge will be available to users of Apple Watch to the world.

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Will users notice about the next challenge on their devices in advance.

تحدي نشاط ساعة آبل القادم سيكون يوم المرأة العالمي

It is worth mentioning that Apple celebrated this event last year to grant users special challenge to complete in the International Women’s day.

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