Detection radar for cars wipe the road dimensions four

Revealed company Magna international supplier for auto Akon Radio at the Detroit Auto Show 2018, and it establishes new standards of the Association of automobile high precision. It was developed in collaboration with the company emerging Uhnger, the System icon Radio seeks to convert self-driving cars fully to reality. Says Radio Magna scans of the environment surrounding the continuation of the four aspects (distance, height, depth, speed), a distance of over 300 meters, can Akon Radio Discover and track objects, over 100 times of any radar system to another, as he categorized everything he sees, as well as it can identify things like roadblocks, bumps, other cars, bikes, pedestrians as well as animals. The company claims that this is how the radar system can tell the difference between various objects and find the difference between children and bikes, this feature is very important to improve the safety features and activate things like the emergency brake in automatic cars, and it being a wipe the surrounding environment as fast as 50 times of the time it needs a human to see discussed in particular. Source: Carscoops

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