Detection of “Bath smart” at CES 2019. I know its features and its price

Revealed the company “Kohler” toilet seat Smart Numi 2.0, which offers many services to its users, so during the exhibition of electronics consumer CES 2019.

And can users this article smartphone, to interact with the digital assistant on Amazon, Alexa, and ask questions that they want, as the weather condition is like.

As the seat can hold your favorite tunes, and you can register through online by Amazon. And provided automatically, so he’s singing about toilet paper.

The master adjusted the height of the seat according to the length, and in the case of non-use, the folded smart bathroom himself to morph into the form of a “cube” out of strong lighting.

Can move the seat through the remote controller, a price of about 7 thousand dollars, is expected in the market in the end of the year.

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