Detection new models of TVs Samsung Frame TV and Serif TV equipped with QLED

Samsung Frame TV

An exhibition of consumer electronics CES is a great place for companies to display latest technologies and products to the public. If you are a person looking forward to the new in the TVs, as the Consumer Electronics Show CES is a favorite place for many companies to showcase the latest TVs. We have seen LG reveal some of the screens before the event, and therefore it is not surprising to see Samsung doing the same thing now.

In fact, I Samsung today updates the series to feature its unique Samsung Frame TV and Samsung Serif TV by revealing new models with technology of the QLED, this is what will make these new models able to reproduce the colors of the black deeper and the colors more saturated, which makes the content on the screen vibrant.

On that range, stated the executive vice president for screens in Samsung, Mr. Jongsuk Choo said : ” conventional TVs only focus on the technical features, such as image quality and performance, but NOW TV is also a platform to express the pattern of daily life for consumers. Models this year from Samsung Frame TV and Samsung Serif TV is a TVS better reflect the lifestyle of consumers and experience television like never before “.

In case you haven’t heard about it before, it has been the design of TVs Samsung Frame TV and Samsung Serif TV to align with the design of your house, where instead of adopting a traditional design for televisions, they are designed in a different way to look like a piece of furniture in your living room.


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