Detect wireless earbuds SBH82D of Sony #MWC2019

After the announcement of the Sony collection phones new during the MWC 2019, Xperia 1 وXperia 10, and Xperia L3, the declaration on ear headphone wireless SBH82D which comes without a cover to the ear.

Feature this headset its light weight and folding too easily, and the wire that’s behind the neck is designed to be comfortable to the maximum during everyday use, the total length of 255 mm.

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As to the interior design of this fish is similar to interior design for the Xperia Ear Duo, where they allow users to listen to music with the ability to hear the surrounding area thanks to its design that comes without a cover for the ear, as the support hours the ear wireless SBH82D Gmail Assistant, and assistant Siri also, how much speaker cable length 210 mm.

As you say Sony that you can listen to music for 7 and a half hours, and for 8 hours through headphones SBH82D, and take the process of shipping just two hours, it also features wireless earbuds SBH82D LED indicators, button multifunction to answer calls and rejection, and turn on and off music and returns audio, also supports NFC feature, and the availability of this fish in black, gray, blue, is scheduled to participate in the markets in the month of May, but there is no yet details about the price of its official.


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