Detect vivo Apex with the latest designs 2109 RAM 12 GB !

One day after detection company distinguished for her phone great Meizu Zero as the first phone in the world without buttons material, the company revealed a Vivo now about the new phone follows the same design with higher specifications under the name vivo Apex 2019 !

The phone works with the latest chipset Qualcomm flagship Snapdragon 855, with a large storage capacity of 256 and 512 GB, with memory storage random the first 12 to 5 GB!

For the company, comes vivo Apex 2019 large-screen 6.39 inches you don’t have any bumps, so I think or the place of the speaker, and instead relies Vivo on the internal speaker works with ceded, such as those in the distinguished zero.

While the Meizu Zero entirely on wireless charging, the Apex 2019 uses what is called MagPort – a magnetic connector at the bottom is used for charging and transferring data.

The interesting thing in vivo the apex actually is a fingerprint sensor built-in screen which covers almost the entire screen, you can touch almost anywhere on the screen to unlock the device.

It uses vivo Apex 2019 such as telephone mezzo-zero combination of multi-touch and pressure sensor as an alternative for the buttons and the physical layer.

Comes vivo Apex 2019 in the back with a double 12 and a 13-megapixel with LED flash, but the company didn’t talk about the front camera at all.

Detected phone model to everyone, but police have not officially released yet, some expect not to be launched in the market or maybe surprise us Vivo at the World Conference phones next month.

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