Detect the brand name of the phone Galaxy S10 Lite, and featuring a fingerprint sensor in the screen


It may not be read AT&T can change the name of LTE to 5G E been go down well for the competitors, but it seems that Samsung might have noticed that. This is because according to rumor the new phone, which was known as Galaxy S10 Lite will be released to the market under the name Galaxy S10 E.

In addition, for the purposes of cost reduction, this phone will not guarantee sensor fingerprint in the screen unlike phones Galaxy S10 +and Galaxy S10. We hope that this means that this phone will be affordable for consumers by putting it on the market at a lower price of iPhone XR, especially if we know that this phone will come in the foundation to rival the iPhone XR directly, so don’t be surprised in case if the price is comparable for the Apple TV.

This information comes from one of the Chinese suppliers who decided to submit follow Mobile Fun British. And mentioned that, he stated the same source that the two phones Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10 will be much more expensive than the Galaxy S10 E.


Will phone Galaxy S10 E a screen size of 5.8 inches, while Will phone Galaxy S10 screen size of 6.1 inch, phone +Galaxy S10 screen size of 6.4 inch. All of these smart phones will come to the same design, despite the fact that they will be different in terms of the number of cameras, whether in the front or back.


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