Detect Nokia 9 PureView five cameras

While many companies currently release phones carry 3 or 4 cameras background, the company decided HMD Global the current owner for the Nokia release a new flagship phone known as Nokia 9 PureView with 5 cameras background.

Design and

Try Nokia 9 PureView on the language of the design of the HMD during the past years, where it comes in a rectangular appearance is simple, the framework of aluminum and featured curved glass towards the parties for the experience of catching more comfortable.

Come an OLED screen measuring 5.99 inches with a ratio of length to width 18:9 and accurately QHD +for the colors sharp and clear, with the presence of sensor fingerprint inside the screen.

The camera

Comes Nokia 9 PureView with a 5 lens ZEISS the background, where we find that the two of them in full color while the three others are able to take pictures in black and white, where all the sensors work together to collect information, lighting, details, colors and merge them in one image, what means that each image requires the processing of 60 maps from the image data, thanks to the presence of a separate processor for images, so that all of the pictures out of the camera supporting to provide HDR with 12.4 points Stop range of dynamic and full – depth map size of 12 maps.

Does that mean we’ll be able to use the image editor to modify the special insulation after capturing the image as we want, next to modify the color and lighting also, so that all the cameras of the five strictly 15 maps with a dual LED flash, there is also a lens, a sixth-type ToF for capture more information in depth, but it’s no longer a real camera, they are unable to capture images.


Comes Nokia 9 PureView processor with the centre 845, which comes from last year probably to help lower the price a bit, with 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of internal memory space, in addition to support the standard IP67 support water and dust fully, while the battery size of the 3,320 mAh that supports fast charging without an outlet for headphones.

Android Pure

Nokia 9 PureView: the world's first quintuple camera smartphone is here!

Nokia 9 PureView: the world's first quintuple camera smartphone is here!

You buy a Nokia with Google to carry all of its phones to the Android system Wen which means having Android interface the standard, without modifications, with the guarantee of getting the amendments ready for at least two years while preparing security updates for three years from the time of the launch, where will the updates in advance, as evidenced by the phone company, the former, as will be the phone with the Android system Bay 9.0 all its features.

The price and launch date

Comes phone Nokia 9 PureView at a price of 700$ (2,625 SR), what is very good price for a phone supports a fingerprint sensor built-in network cameras and five high-quality, regardless of the presence of the flagship from last year, where it is planned to be put on the market the beginning of next March.

A summary of the specifications

OLED screen measuring 5.99 inches – the dimensions of the 18:9 – resolution 1440×2880 pixels.
Processor Snapdragon 845
RAM 6 gigabytes
Memory storage of 128 gigabytes
Camera wallpaper pentagram on the body 5 lens 12 maps for a girl lens f/1.8
Front camera with 20 maps
Battery 3,320 mAh
Android system 9.0 Oreo
Fingerprint reader: built-in network
The headphone port there is no

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