Detect disk SSD storage with a capacity of 100 TB

Revealed the the company Nimbus Data about the largest tablet storage high-speed SSD in the world. Company focused on efficiency, not speed.

Comes tablet ExaDrive DC100 with a storage capacity of 100 TB with that its size hasn’t changed from the usual format and measure 3.5 inches.

Regarding efficiency, Nimbus Data the use of data centers to tweak ExaDrive DC100 will reduce power and cooling costs and floor space shelves per TB by 85% compared to the latest SSD from Samsung, which comes with a capacity of 30 TB. How much will The total cost over 5 years is lower by 42% compared to tablets storage SSD current.

And speed ExaDrive DC100 when reading and writing data to the 500 meg MB per second. In contrast, the speed of reading and writing disk Samsung to 2,100 1,700 meg MB per second, respectively, according to the company.

Comes ExaDrive DC100 guaranteed for five years, and will allow for purchase next summer at a price yet to be uncovered.

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