Detect Alcatel 1 .. the cheapest Smart Phone Android Go

Appeared today in Russia the details of the phone Alcatel 1 which appears to be the cheapest smart phone runs by Android Go was released until the moment.

Smart phone New the transfer the details of some of the Russian websites carrying the name Alcatel 1, Although we do not have any information about its price yet but it will definitely be less than 100 euros (about 115 USD) is the price of the phone Alcatel 1x.

The smart phone comes the new touch-screen measuring 5 inches with the new dimensions 18:9 provides a display resolution up to 480×960 pixels, in addition to the camera background accuracy of 5 megapixel and front 2-megapixel shooter. As to phone Alcatel 1 will be supported with a processor MediaTek MT6739 SoC quad-core frequency of 1.3 GHz alongside 1 GB memory random 8 GB other memory internal storage expandable via microSD cards.

On the other hand, the phone supports the new fourth-generation network LTE offers a download speed of up to 150 megabits per second in addition to WiFi network, as it comes with GPS, Bluetooth and supports my card SIM SIM. It is also powered with a battery capacity of 2000 mAh/H.

Comes phone Alcatel 1 with a weight of 134 grams and will be available in 3 colors are Golden, Blue, Silver.

Owning a new smartphone this specification means that support by Android Go is the best possible option where it is a light version of the Android system announced by Google last year, which is dedicated for smartphones cheap, low-performance, which does not contain typically more than 1 GB as memory access is random.


The detection Alcatel 1 .. the cheapest Smart Phone Android Go was published first in are.

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