Despite the pressures of privacy, users of Facebook change privacy settings of their


Now everyone should have heard about the scandal is privacy that is found Facebook itself available. There is a sensation that it was created the movement #DeleteFacebook that invite users to stop using Facebook to protect their privacy, but despite all the hype, it seems that Facebook users changed their privacy settings.

According to a new report recently released from the newspaper The Wall Street Journal of America, it seems that the majority of Facebook users never change their privacy settings. Has been detected by the Ms. Carolyn Everson, which occupy the position of Vice President of the solutions division global marketing in company Facebook which I stated : ” We have not seen significant changes in power with people who say I’m not going to share any data with Facebook anymore. “

According to Carolyn Everson, it also recognized that despite what happened, they don’t expect it to affect earnings or the way Facebook works significantly. If we borrowed that’s true, that seems interesting because since Facebook revealed about the misuse of data by Cambridge Analytica, the company took many steps to make it easier for users to modify their privacy settings, but it seems that many users do not benefit from them.

We’re not sure why, but there can be some users who still don’t know what you do these settings, or maybe simply they don’t care, but what do you think you are? Did you change the privacy settings of your Facebook post to make a fuss about it?


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