Despite the decline in sales of iPhone Apple announced a revenue miss analysts ‘ expectations

Achieved Apple quarterly revenue for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year ending in September of $ 65 million, an increase of 1.74% over the same period last year, net profit of $ 13.7 million.

Tim Cook said that the company achieved the highest revenue in its history in the fourth quarter, in the markets of the Americas and Asia and have seen more improvement in China.

Revenues from products amounted to $ 51.5 million, a decrease of 1% from last year, mainly due to sales of the iPhone, but offset by strong sales of devices removable poncho and iPad.

Revenue iPhone in the quarter was $ 33 million, a decrease of 9% from the same period last year, an improvement compared to a decrease of 15% in the past three quarters, while the iPad grew by 17% thanks to the new version of iPad Pro, while Mac sales worth $ 7 million a decrease of 5% from last year, and has made wearable devices and smart home devices to record, where its revenue reached $ 6.5 million, an increase of 54% on an annual basis.

Revenue Service $ 12.5 million, an increase of 18% over last year, and I have Apple TV now 450 million subscribers in their services paid different compared to more than 330 million subscribers in the last year, is expected to exceed 500 million by 2020.

Source: Apple

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