Despite America’s ban .. Huawei shipped phones this year than last


Did not affect the ban of the American and the differences faced by Huawei by supplier companies on its shipments of smartphones, on the contrary, growth compared to last year where they shipped more than 200 million phones so far.

Compared with last year, shipments of Huawei this year was faster, reaching the figure of 200 million by 64 days than I did last year.

This includes its shipments of smart phones of various kinds leading collapsible which supports the fifth generation and even the phones of Honor.

The Huawei has launched its phone flagship Big Mate 30 without Google applications and services is the leading phone company know to apply the ban on them practically.

Sacrifice image more have to wait for the end of the year, especially with the holiday season where the demand for smartphones, and see the effect of the ban on shipments of phones during the year as a whole.

And Huawei is currently in second place in terms of shipments after Samsung and Apple.

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