Desktop Ledger Live has been a phishing attack

Manufacturer of hardware wallets Ledger found the malware aimed at desktop version of the app company. This was reported by representatives of the company on the official page in Twitter.

The developers have warned users that the virus can be a substitute for the original application Ledger Live to steal private keys. For users also published several useful instructions that will help save your own funds.

Be saved from hackers

Users should be attentive to all strange that they could see in the work of Ledger Live.

ATTENTION: we have detected malicious software that locally replaces the Ledger app is Live on the fake. Users of infected computers are asked to enter the passphrase after the fake update program.

It is noteworthy that under the threat turned out to be only users of the Windows operating system. Fortunately, while the danger is not very serious — Ledger reports only one confirmed case of infection. Experts claim that IN itself cannot harm a computer or scriptactive user directly. Here the emphasis is on gullibility of users who are to give hackers your secret passphrase to recover the wallet.

About the method of infection with a new PC are not yet known. The company representatives claim that the virus spreads not from the servers of the Ledger.

Earlier, the team of programmers have found several serious vulnerabilities in the wallet Ledger. Experts said that can infect virtually any device, the company ON the computer. Fortunately, it was later revealed that the threat was not so big.

Note that hardware wallets are still the most reliable place to store cryptocurrency. The least safe to leave your coins on the exchanges. Especially in light of the hacking Cryptopia this year.


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