Designed with abrasion-resistant material in the world

The durability of various products depends primarily on the wear resistance of the materials from which they were made. And recently a group of scientists from Sandia national laboratories U.S. Department of energy, created, in their words, “nesmachivaemost material in the world.”

The experts have developed a metal with unique properties. New alloys 100 times for durability is superior to the most available and widespread at the moment heavy-duty steel. This was achieved thanks to the new hypothesis about the strength of the alloys. If earlier it was considered that the durability based on the hardness of the sample, the Sandia experts suggested that the wear can be associated with how the metal reacts to heat.

“We found that a small but fundamental changes made to some alloys will give a huge increase in the safety margin. Improve thermomechanical stability of nanocrystalline alloys can mitigate the degradation of the microstructure with a voltage at high loads and eventually to reduce wear.”

The studies found out that the additional wear resistance of the alloy gives the coated layer of platinum and gold. Thus, despite the fact that these metals are precious, they need quite a bit, and the strength will increase significantly.

“New wear-resistant materials can potentially provide benefits in terms of reliability for a wide range of devices and will allow to save about 100 billion dollars a year. Of course, the scope is very limited and largely suitable for heavy industry, but the savings in this area will be very visible. Further, alloy will be a tool for overcoming existing constraints related to reliability of metal structures.”

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