Design imagine what it will look like you have iOS 13

With Sentry system version iOS major is coming, everyone hopes that Apple’s radical change you as before with iOS 7. But nothing happened, only the changes and updates and the addition of some features with each new update while retaining the same design of the Home screen. In iOS 12 current Apple focused on performance and updates some of the system apps. There were updates to Siri and augmented reality ARKit were lime and more. As well as the introduction of some new features in the settings doesn’t hide a lot. We produce the usual operating system iOS 13 the next few months we hope that there will be a radical change in the system as a whole. Would there be a thorough change of this system or that Apple TV will remain at the same figure and it will be just improvements and not new?

تصمصم تخيلي لما سيبدو عليه iOS 13

IOS 13 is major update associated with the docking-iPhone and-iPad. It is scheduled to be disclosed at the beginning of June and is available in September.

Usually, the company announced at its annual conference, WWDC and initiative to be a BETA version available to developers. Are then put the demo version general who wants of users. Then after that is the release of the final version. And box Apple TV after the enactment of the updates of the sub throughout the year. Regardless of the big updates that will launch the system, but it is expected to significantly re-design the main screen and add the other features new.

Posted Acer Kamer Kaan Avdan video clip knows where to see for iOS 13, where he worked on re-design it in a way that is attractive and eye-catching. He has published this Acer previous videos for various operating systems -make us feel nostalgic to the past – such as the updating of 2018 for the operating system Windows 95.

Windows XP Update 2018

Windows 7 and other. Issued a recent video displays. for Windows 11

He previously created a video imagining system iOS 12

But went to the more developed design for iOS 6 for modern devices.

Finally after that we saw the designs. let us learn to form specialty that he designed for iOS 13

In his vision for the operating system iOS 13 smile Advan new shape of the icons, designed the system Dark Mode Stylish we hope his presence on iOS, and amended on the window the pictures that bother everyone, however this is not clear in the video. It is through this design you can control everything more quickly than previously where added new settings to the control center, it is through prolonged pressure or by using a 3D Touch on any element of the control center you can access to more other options in addition to the current options. He also said the amendment on the application of music, as it added other options to squeeze the dynamometer applications. Added feature “always on screen” to celebrate the scans skills that may be useful in the reminder of things important life. Also added the possibility to add more than one account and switch between different accounts easily. This is in accordance with the arrangements and rumors current.

One last word

These designs will always be fictional and not a real challenge but at the same time useful on the one hand show us the designs imagine. and how can that system becomes our favorite the most beautiful. On the other hand are watching these corporate designs and benefit from them and act on what most impressed the users of its devices and later provide this specialty, but differently (provide the design aims to reach her). So if you like any design fantastically popcorn others but explain that this fancy design hand may think that the fantasy is real.

What do you think of the perception system for iOS 13 the next? Do you expect Apple to do the change on the main interface of the system? Tell us in the comments.



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