Design imagine to highlight the advantages of the operating system iOS 13 available

Likely to offer the Apple operating system iOS 13 in the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC in the month of June. In the context that the users expect the appearance of some of the outstanding features in this release, including a night mode in all parts of the system, and Siri on its design, and more.

Here is a design imagine you’re going to those features if has been applied in the legal system.

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مزايا نظام تشغيل iOS 13

For example, it is proposed the design concept of having a pause feature to export the video, and the interface less annoying for Siri, and support wireless mouse on iPad and more.

مزايا نظام تشغيل iOS 13

Moreover, the concept of a presentation is always to some elements on the lock screen in the iPhone X and iPhone XS, these will be presented to the water interface with black color time, date, and four of the other elements are customizable, as is the case with the system watchOS. This may include active plugins, weather, etc.

مزايا نظام تشغيل iOS 13

It has also been conceived also in the camera application, there are additional settings for the video, and support the pause for video recordings, and more.

مزايا نظام تشغيل iOS 13

In addition to that the highlights of the features offered by design about the advantages of the iPad is to support the wireless mouse, as well as the possibility to add more than one user. In addition to the proposals of Siri in the messages, support lock applications using Face ID, and more.

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