Dell Match the returns of some models of power transformer hybrid Dell Hybrid Laptop Power

Dell Hybrid Laptop Power

Depends AC adapter Dell Hybrid Power Adapter from Dell mainly charger Bank power at the same time allows users to get a power backup for their computers laptops even when they are not close to a wall outlet. It adapter a 2-in-1 allows users to carry one-party analyst, or both. Having said that, Dell now call some of those transformers hybrid because of the risk of electric shock.

The company issued a Dell order to return certain models of power converters in hybrid which it has manufactured in the period between January 2017 and March 2017. This follows the recall in the wake of the delivery of the company 11 report on internal components for the Transformers to check, and this is what leads to the risk of electric shock. About 8900 of the Transformers affected by the present in the United States.


For those who own this forum and want to know whether you should return it to the company, you must have a look on the code of manufacturing printed on the back to see if it was identical to this code here : ” CN-05G53P – LOC00 – XXX – XXXX – AXX ” knowing that the character is ” X ” represents a number in this case.

Sold Dell this transformer through its official website on the internet and through the Amazon store and other retail stores other electronic. They provide free replacements to all customers affected by this decision. Company also sell the latest models of power transformer hybrid Dell Hybrid Power Adapter does not pose a risk to users.


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