Dell is warning users of its exposure to breach of security

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ديل تحذر المستخدمين من تعرضها لخرق أمني

The company announced the Dell Dell EMC for Know Its a breach of security occurred earlier this month, specifically on the ninth of November, and the deal she discovered the entry of an unauthorized attempt to use the customer information from its website such as customer names, email addresses, passwords, encrypted, and did not enter the company in detail about the complexity of the algorithm to encrypt passwords, but some of encryption algorithms like MD5 can be broken in a matter of seconds to get the password to a plain text format.

The company said in a press statement: “although it is possible to delete some of this information from the Dell, however, our investigation did not find conclusive evidence that none of them have been used,” the statement added that the police are still investigating the incident, but she clarified that the hack wasn’t Broad, where he discovered the company’s engineers this development on the same day in which it occurred.

Spokesman declined to Del for providing the number of accounts affected, saying: “as this detection is voluntary and there is no conclusive evidence that customer account information has been used, it would be unwise to publish numbers possible when there are no numbers”.

She explained to Del that the hackers did not target payment card or any other sensitive information about the customer, and that the incident did not cause a service by the natural in the time of the hack, or after, the company began the process of resetting the passwords of all the accounts of the clients website after that I discovered this development earlier this month.

The company said that it informed others, the application of the relevant law, as used at criminal No. to conduct an independent investigation, based on the details that has been currently detected, it is clear that Dell has offered very little information linked to its official web site, where most of your users come to buy products or formal discussions in the support forums official.

While Dell may have reduced the impact of the situation, it is worth noting that many of the companies disappeared and revise these initial remarks with the progress of the investigation, the company indicates that the encryption algorithm has been tested and validated by an external company Expert, The Dell to basic services affected are and the Premier and Global Portal and while is not to target account information of clients across the and

Said Sumit Agarwal Sumit Agarwal, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer in the company, Shape Security: “the confirmation of the deal that the lost information was limited to name and e-mail and password encrypted, and that those elements are not sensitive, it it shows that Dell is trying to downplay the extent of the hack, and encrypted passwords and e-mail on behalf of the private keys of the kingdom in terms of its potential to grant the criminals full access to other accounts identify any particular user may be redefined to use the information these credentials somewhere else.”

It took the company 19 days of investigation before to inform the customer on potential information about the way to reset the password, and the website users to the giant industry of computers review the information that they have stored in their private accounts, plus reset passwords, while they should do to monitor the data card in case they can save the financial information within the account.

The gate Arab News Technical Dell is warning users of its exposure to breach of security

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