Dell is back as the general market within the New York Stock Exchange

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Usually a company “Dell” Dell to the public markets on Friday, after nearly six years of converted into a private company by its founder and CEO, Michael Dell, has been converted into a private company’s largest purchase since the financial crisis in 2008.

Now being a trading company manufacturing personal computers in the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol DELL, after that the repurchased shares that track the financial performance of software company “VMware” VMware, which owns the Del share of 81%. The total value of the deal is cash and stock of about $ 24 million.

This has allowed the process of re-purchasing stock to buy Del to bypass the process of conventional underwriting, which is likely to have encouraged investors by it on the indebtedness of the company amounting to $ 52.7 million. Has opened shares of Dell at $ 46 on Friday, recorded its market capitalization at $ 16 billion, according to the “review” Refinitiv.

It has been seen to the East as a model of innovation in the early first decade of the present century, where he was a pioneer in the online application for PCs that can be customized to their specifications, and then work closely with component suppliers and Asian manufacturers ensure that production costs are extremely low.

But with the late first decade and the beginning of the second decade of the Twenty-First Century has become Dell in a difficult situation after the Great Transformation in the industry to computers, tablets, smart phones and consumer electronics high-performance such as music players and games consoles, has seen its sales decline significantly due to lower shipments.

And forced Michael Dell to transform his company into a private company, and then work on new strategy that focuses on acquisitions that will transform Dell from a company for the manufacture of personal computers to the company the widest in the field of information technology, ranging from storage and servers to networking and cyber security.

In contrast, follow the company “HP” HP, which was and still is one of the most suitable for my Dell, the strategy is founded on separation from the “Hewlett-Packard Enterprise the” Hewlett Packard Enterprise in 2016, the reason for this is the belief that the separation into two companies, one focused on devices and services would be the best.

But it seems that the strategy of the deal come to fruition, especially as companies are increasingly moving to follow integrated to assist them in the management of the IT infrastructure on the cloud. Has Dell announced about a 15% increase in revenue in the last quarter, said it expects total adjusted revenues in the range of 90.5 million to $ 92 million in 2019.

According to the data of market research company “Canales” Canalys, the share of Dell from the PC market global 17%, behind balanced HP by 23%, and rival China’s Lenovo by 21%.

The gate Arab News Technical Dell back as a public company to the market within the New York Stock Exchange

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