Dell announces huge touch screen, $ 75 and accurately 4K for educational purposes

ديل تعلن عن شاشة لمس ضخمة بقياس 75 وبدقة 4K للأغراض التعليمية

Dell announced yesterday Wednesday from the multi-touch screen mega C7520QT the same measuring 75 inches which thoroughly enjoyed a 4K display to use in the tutorial to view the tutorials and explanations for students; view their company as a way forward, an alternative to panels traditional educational.

Mayor Dale in the design of the screen to use the participatory method which allows the application of mechanisms of collective action on the touch screen by more than a user, where provided by the company to support Multi-for multi-touch from two dozen different point and lets deal with it by hands or across a pencils touch.

As to the screen of Dell this with with Dell Screen Drop which allow to control the level of displayed content across the screen to three different heights according to the user’s length of him; to allow him access to any part of the screen and interact with it through touch and by the buttons on its sides, where the filter property company such as the first globally that facilitates access for the user.

The Dell screen C7520QT in the market on 30 April at a price of 5,999,99$ and come equipped with pen and touch large compared with the size of the traditional; despite marketing deal for her custom apartment tutorial this does not negate the possibility of using a watch movies next to the bride cuts the educational illustrations compatible with software for the host.

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