Deleted 13 game numbers, download the standard Google Play

Always criticized Google on the control of, weak on the content of the App Store, and today back criticism after exposing researchers to security 13 the game is full of papers malicious, the Google delete it finally.

Games all drive cars including what decreases the A series The Sims, its developer is a Lewis or pinto, and thumbnails of inquiry looks legit, and there is nothing outstanding within the app reveals that it is fraudulent.

Security researcher Lucas Stephanie from team ESET warned about the games yet to be discovered but the application of them believe the app list blockbuster transfers amounted to more than half a million users before you delete their Google.

Lies the risk of gaming in that it’s set to disappear after they are opened the first time on the user’s PC, it is difficult to find it and uninstall it as shown in the video below, and some asks to install vicious files APK external.

According to Tech Crunch, games to install malicious software in the background gives full access to hackers to the network traffic the internet on your Android source; means that any data entered after installing the games possible grab it.

According to other sources, including ZDNet, this practice is forcing users to watch ads, what can the owner of the application of the fraud on the advertisers claims to get significant participation project in exchange for their money, as some users complained of slow down their servers dramatically.

Whatever the purpose, the spokesman of Google confirmed to delete the app from the Play Store, but access the games on about 560 thousand installation process is one of the largest violations in the history of the Play Store, despite the efforts of Google which are about to delete more than 700,000 apps by 2017 alone.

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