Delete Facebook accounts won’t stop tracking them for you!

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Loud voices claim to delete Facebook accounts in the financial period since the scandal of her recent interaction data files personal users to buy Cambridge analytica Cambridge Analytica. Announced many public figures and celebrities who have a lot of followers on Facebook about their desire to remove their files tariff description of their of Facebook (although not the implementation of some already such as Elon musk , CEO and founder of Tesla Tesla electric car). Now considered the management of Facebook has other ways to track former users of the product, i.e., that the deletion of Facebook accounts won’t stop the network trace users after the removal of their accounts and even non-users who are not born into profiles.

Was Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman of Facebook has testified before the US Congress last week tried to avoid questions about whether the network data are collected non-users also. But he admitted –when pressed – that the network collect data of persons who did not participate in the network and accept the terms.

She replied network Facebook in her blog after the certificate Zuckerberg about how they obtain this data and also places to get this data. The principal source for data on non-users is to the websites and applications that use network services to communicate:

“When you visit a website or use an application that uses our services, we receive information about your visit even if you are not logged in or do not have a Facebook account. The reason is that websites and other applications you don’t know who are the users of Facebook who are not users.”

This means that if you visit a site, and pressed the button “like” or “share”, it is possible to send that location data about your visit to facebook.

Also get the network data of users when they’re logged in to the site or app using login data in a communication network, where you show the user sometimes on some sites the phrase “sign in using Facebook account”.

The amazing thing is that specialists in the network have said that Facebook is not alone that you do so many companies offer these types of services and also receive information from the apps and sites you use. They pointed out that Twitter best Pinterest LinkedIn LinkedIn has buttons similar to the buttons “like” and”share” to Facebook to help the user to watch what they want on their networks. Also Google has a Service Google Analytics famous Amazon, Google, and twitter provide services to log on using the user account. In the end all these companies and others offer advertising services and most applications and websites the same user-specific data for many companies every time he visits the site or app.

Process that is aimed at the participation of the user data in the RAID to the revision of the ads provided to the user location and determining the locations visited by the objects that you may buy it through shopping services and other information companies can provide ads that are more relevant to the user. The convergence of user data and networks in huge amounts for providing service to advertisers.

Delete Facebook accounts won’t stop tracking them for you!

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