Del step up efforts to reach the objectives of the programme the legacy of good 2020

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Published today the company del report its annual programme of legacy good Legacy of Good 2020, in a move that underscores the company’s commitment to the continued long-term to communities and members of the teams work and the environment on the whole, the report summarizes the efforts during the financial year 2018 between 4 February 2017 2 February 2018 and is based on the report and activities congruent with its content to realize the company Buckets of their responsibility in achieving a sustainable and prosperous future.

And buckets to contribute in pushing the wheels of human progress through technology, and in many ways one of which was in their commitment to the programme’s legacy charity aimed at developing technique del and expertise wherever possible to achieve good best results for the benefit of the people and the owner of the planet, through the company’s investment in innovation that reduces the environmental footprint, and supports transparency in supply chains, and ensures comprehensive workforce of the future, and disadvantaged groups for assistance.

Christine Fraser, head of Corporate Responsibility the company has: “the program legacy option represents the embodiment of what can be achieved when people come together and accomplish specific goals, and it seems our clients and partners and our work great attention to the achievement of these goals more than ever, we will continue to search for innovative ways to use our resources, the reduction of the studied wastes and meet the major requirements”.

Sustainable design and innovation

You think DL should move to what is now known as the economy of the ring is critical to enable human progress in the future, and the extensive experience of the company in the supply chain strategies design and infrastructure of global recycling of electronics, to put it in a unique position to make progress in model ring, has long been a leader in the innovation of sustainable design in many areas which include:

  • Recycling in a closed loop: in the reporting period, the guarantee company of plastic recycling in a closed loop to its product portfolio business in Europe, said recycled more than 35,000 pounds of plastic from e-waste and re-use them in products, new companies, and used, and cumulatively, 73 million pounds of recycled materials in their new products since 2013, what keeps them on the right track to achieve the goal of 2020, the rebel recycling 100 million pounds of material.
  • Gold recovery: at the same time, was able to DL the introduction of the gold at the workshop closed, as she worked on the extraction of gold from e-waste and enter it in the main boards new for Latitude 5285 2-in-1, and a set of gold ornaments bore the name “Cercle Daimler collection,” the Circular Collection of Mark “mentions a” Bayou with Love, founded by actress and activist environmental and Nikki reed.
  • Tracking the global e-waste: Dell this year to experience the use of technology for global tracking in monitor recycling responsible electronics used, the company has entered into a partnership with the “biz action see” Basel Action Network to use the tracking tools within the programs to DL to recover devices from customers, along with program tracking, and report results within 12 months of the trial period.
  • The objection of plastic material in the sea: The Company supplies her laptop from the XPS 13 2-in-1 in bottles made from plastic recovered from the sea, the company will begin later this year the expansion in the use of this phrase, which received the award “Best innovation” at the Consumer Electronics Show, for the supply of mid-range computers, XPS and their products business, and expand the scope of the work, the conclusion of a partnership with “lonely Weill” Lonely Whale to create a company is trying to “setback I” NextWave, which devotes its efforts to expand the use cases of the plastic materials recovered from the sea in the industrial sectors, For the benefit of stakeholders on the economic and Social Council, hopes to “setback I” in the restoration of three million pounds of plastic dumped in the sea over a period of five years, the equivalent of 66 billion bottles of water plastic.

Enable the powerful work

See del that the only way to ensure the continued application of the innovations present in the future lies in engaging everyone in the workforce to existing and ensure that we provide the next generation with the skills needed to succeed in a world increasingly reliant on technology:

  • Donated buckets with a grant worth $ 650,000 for more than 400,000 young men and 3,000 teachers in the 422 sites in Ethiopia, will present the project, which is held in partnership with the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia and the organization “Camara Education” Education, more than 30,000 computers to over 1,000 schools, for the benefit of the 1.2 million students between the years 2016 and 2019, the project includes the innovation of this, which costs $ 12 million, more than 16 million hours of training courses in information and Communication Technology which provide for more than 3,000 teachers and school leaders.
  • The company continues to build a flexible work environment serving a variety of working methods, more than 58 percent of the members of the work teams in the company to work remotely at least one day per week.
  • To enable more than a billion people of access to technical and acquisition skills through the programs of the del option of the strategy this year, and helped the company a total of 11.2 million people since 2013.
  • Allocated to the company, since 2014, in the amount of $ 50 million to the initiatives of science, technology, engineering and Mathematics, which focuses on disadvantaged young people.

Investment in transparency of supply chains and their

Pick up buckets to maintain the supply chain of innovative and diverse transparent and ethical standards in work, and on ensuring good working conditions and a sustainable approach to its employees around the world, as part of the highlight:

  • The use of a technique based on virtual reality and see practically on the manufacturing facilities of materials, and on the living conditions of the workers in the factory, and control the interactive session gathered customer and client, have the videos Ocean on the site of its supply chain to the bucket.
  • Been invested more than three billion dollars annually with suppliers owned by women or minorities or small firms in the last six years.
  • Is Control more than 200,000 workers in the workforce supply chain of the company through the company’s program for monitoring the weekly hours of work.

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