“Del EMC” launches units to the technical infrastructure PowerEdge MX

Think “del EMC” DELL EMC embark on offering of units in new infrastructure PowerEdge MX, initiated by the to be the latest infrastructure and a high standard of performance in the field. Designed the structural units innovative support to a wide variety of work tasks to traditional and emerging challenges in data centers Data Centers. These units are built under the standard is the first of its kind, designed to work easily with future technologies dismantle the servers.

Customers can, thanks to the infrastructure of the war and the unique enjoyed by the units of the PowerEdge MX, CHECK constraints, silos, technical management of routine operations that take a long time, in addition to enable teams of Information Technology compatibility in a manner that dynamite applications and different needs as nicely.

Said Ashley Woraburi, President and general manager of servers and infrastructure have “del EMC”, the emerging technologies anniversary artificial AI and the Internet of things IOT and storage technologies and companies involved in the software impose new challenges for IT departments as it is difficult to predict the functions work resulting therefrom, in spite of the resort releasedate provided by the business, added: “establishing structural units of the PowerEdge MXلنهجيتيح flexibly creation of processes, computing, storage, networking, and making the necessary integration among them, to enable the institutions to bring about a technical challenge in a manner that will improve the resources and protect investment in the future technical progress”.

Customers will have the flexibility to modify the modules PowerEdge MX according to their own needs, thanks to a strong group of ingredients:

  • Chassis PowerEdge MX7000 from “del EMC”, provides an effective basis for devices with support for multiple generations of processors and servers, in a system changeable the tail of the comprehensive management of the various stages of its life cycle, with the interface using one of all ingredients, what can companies and institutions to focus on the priorities of its work rather than maintenance.
  • Skates PowerEdge MX740c andMX840c, let these latches with blades, equipped with two or four, the computerization of the entire performance is exceptional with a rich set of storage options include storage drive NVMe. And the skates MX740c mono display وMX840c Double array full of Xeon processors Scalable from Intel with up to six terabytes of memory. The MX740cهيكل server only in the sector that comes view Uni-and two which can accommodate up to six discs NVMe, SAS, or SATA to 2.5 inch, and the latch MX840c that accommodates up to eight tablets.
  • Latch storage PowerEdge MX5016s of “del EMC”, latches the storage of these density-and full and servers MX containers up to 16 hard disks of type SAS, which means storage direct size 112 hard disks with the maximum limit in seven skates MX5016s consists of the chassis.
  • Modules PowerEdge MX Ethernet and Fibre Channel from the “del EMC”, are these units new switch between content and Viber, cumin, low bandwidth and high environments, multiple structures, and processes automated in order to achieve compatibility of structural quality of service and recovery of self, to ensure the highest possible performance of the company using the management interface one.

Range of support services and the overall development of the “del EMC” between the submission of a standard solution fully integrated and development and configuration adjusted as needed, to meet the unique needs of customers, because الوحداتPowerEdge MX designed in a way that allows flexibly adjusted.

According to a press release, said Matt Eastwood, First Vice-President for data centers, institutional, infrastructure, cloud developers, has the company “IDC”, the computing platforms are undergoing “a fundamental shift constant”is in line with the journey of digital transformation initiated by most of the companies, added: “the units of the PowerEdge MX, “del EMC” model reflects the finest pictures of this transformation, because the customers are looking for Standards on structural design of high efficiency enjoy the flexibility and lightness can be easily adapted to many tasks of work and be able to keep up with the technical progress of the future”.

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