Declining smartphone shipments in China for the second consecutive year

The rate of growth in sales of smart phones in general not be the same version globally, either over time or depending on the geographical area, but last year saw a marked decline in the numbers of smartphones around the world, China was the standout scene being the largest market for smartphones globally, as reported the study company Canalys decline of large shipments of smart phones by 14%.

The company reported that this decline is the second consecutive in the Chinese market where the proportion of decline for the year 2017 is 4% from the previous year not to come as a result of fiscal year 2018 with a decline of 14% the number of total units that were shipped in the country during the year 396 million, to break the chain of growth which lasted for nearly a decade in China.

And the schedule of study developed for each of Huawei and Vivo in terms of the number of units of content were ranked first and second, respectively, with the decline for each of Abobo running second Share Her ranked fourth; the fifth was the share of Apple, which I already talked about the role of the Chinese market in the decline in its revenue for the first quarter of 2019 through the letter to CEO Tim Cook.

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