Decide what you will eat at McDonald’s artificial intelligence will be

The network of restaurants of fast food McDonald’s announced the purchase of the Israeli company Dynamic Yield e-Commerce and development technologies targeted (personalized) advertising using artificial intelligence technologies. The transaction amount was not reported, however, according to TechCrunch, referring to sources close to the issue, McDonald’s agreed to pay for a startup more than $ 300 million. If this is true, then for fast food chains, this transaction became the largest in the last 20 years.

McDonald’s plans to use technology McDonald’s to offer personalized suggestions of customers using terminals quick delivery of orders. Users of such terminals will be offered additional dishes given the initial order, the weather, distances to other points of catering, time of day and other factors. For example, in hot weather the system will advise you to buy ice cream or cold drink.

This technology McDonald’s in several of his restaurants already tested in 2018. This year the company plans to expand its use throughout the United States, and in the following year to launch it in other markets. Integration of technology is planned not only in terminals quick delivery of goods, but also in the official mobile app of McDonald’s.

According to Crunchbase, since its Foundation, the Dynamic Yield could attract investments totaling $ 83.3 million. In December 2018 investment in the company announced a venture capital Fund of Sberbank SBT Venture Fund II. However, the amount of investments the Bank is not called.

Dynamic Yield was founded in 2012, its technology is helping retailers to find buyers for personalized promotional offers, using artificial intelligence and information behavior.

To McDonald’s point that after the transaction the company will retain independence. It will continue its cooperation with present and future customers. On the Russian market, its customers include IKEA, Lamoda and “Platypus”.

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