Deal acquisition Disney Company, 21st Century Fox completed the formal

21st Century Fox

In the past year, a frequency that has been approved on the deal of the acquisition company Disney Company 21st Century Fox by the regulatory bodies, which means they were on their way to completion the main. The good news for those who are watching this page is that it has been completed formally.

According to the president of the board of Directors of the company Disney, Mr. Bob Iger, has stated by saying : ” This is a moment of extraordinary historical for us. This page to create significant long-term value of our company and shareholders. The combination of the wealth of Disney and 21st Century Fox of creative content, talent and proven creates a global entertainment company prominent, and makes them well-positioned to lead the era of the dynamic and incredible. “

This step turned Disney into a great strength when it comes to Entertainment. Most importantly, at least for lovers of science fiction movies, is that this means that some movies will finally come to the Marvel. This includes the likes of X-Men and Fantastic Four and Deadpool. At the time that made the Deadpool movie is performing well, there is no doubt that a lot of people hope in the leadership of the company Marvel freeze movies X-Men and Fantastic Four and make them part of the group of MCU.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any information about the date of the occurrence of it, especially that the movie Dark Phoenix isn’t out yet, but we will continue to watch the situation to get any new information.

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