Day drive launches a new bundle of possible services

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يو درايف تطلق باقة جديدة من الخدمات المميزة

The leading company in the vehicle rental by the minute announced the launch of the service ’intercity‘ new and add a range of luxury cars to its fleet growing and the launch of its services in Ajman.

Announced the day of the drive, Udrive, a leader in the car rental by the minute via mobile phone application, announced the launch of three new services, in a move that represents a remarkable progress in providing solutions for convenient and efficient short-term on a broader scale.

Forming a list of new services: service day drive intercity, the service Uri premium cars, luxury cars, coupled with the expansion of the company’s services to Ajman.

This step comes as a confirmation of strengthening the car rental company Innovative its place in the sector since its inception two years ago from now.

Service day drive intercity

Service allows day to drive intercity users driving to and from Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, will be charged a service fee of 75 dirhams just to the side of charge regular flight, which allows customers to rent a car to go from Sharjah or Ajman to Abu Dhabi and vice versa and finish the journey at the final destination.

And provides the service to the new high levels of comfort and flexibility to customers, as offering them also the lowest-cost means to travel between these three emirates, away from the hardship of travel by bus.

While I didn’t include a list of areas covered new to Dubai so far committed to the laws and regulations, confirm the day to drive customers she communicates continuously with the authorities of the emirate to add this option as soon as possible.

Fees fixed service intercity:
Sharjah/ Ajman to Abu Dhabi AED 75
Abu Dhabi to Sharjah/ Ajman, AED 75

Service on drive premium cars.

Added a day to drive a variety of luxury cars the All-New, such as models of any – class of mark of Mercedes – Benz and a Ford Mustang, to its fleet.

Customers can experience fun with these cars famous luxury compared to 70 fils per minute or 279 AED per day, including fuel, parking fees, insurance, and a maximum of 200 km per day.

Day service drive in Ajman

Customers in the emirate of Ajman is now taking advantage of the services of the day of the drive as possible, where they can drive a car from anywhere to anywhere for a fee starting from 60 fils per minute and 144 AED per day, including fuel, parking fees and insurance.

Customers will also be driving from Sharjah to Ajman and vice versa without imposing any additional fees, and you can also request blocking of this feature, which services provide low cost car rental in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, simply apply on-drive.

As a service available throughout the day and throughout the days of the week, can locate a nearby car, book it through the map available on application day drive or a website, and once registered, customers can unlock cars using their mobile phones.

The service provides day drive the possibility of opening the car without using the key, coupled with the ability to park for free in designated spaces in key areas of the city, it also prevents the free fuel customers the opportunity to drive their cars to any place and at any time.

In the record commenting on the new developments taking place in the company, said Haseeb Khan, founder and CEO of on drive: “we are very excited about expanding our services to meet the needs of our client base is growing here in the UAE”.

“The levels of growth and success unprecedented that we have made over the past two years a source of great pride for our entire team. And through ensuring the availability of our vehicles on a large scale in a growing range of key sites across the Emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi, we offer customers rental cars comfortable and available upon request at the lowest possible cost”.

In order to start using the service, customers don’t have to only download the app and sign up, or follow the registration instructions available on the website of your company, and require only the identity of the Emirati driver’s license and a credit card or debit card.

In case you are not the credit card available, you can communicate with the company’s team to activate the cash payment option, tourists can make use of this service through the use of passports instead of identity of the UAE.

It should also have an international driving permit valid and recognized by the government of the UAE, it should be this certificate is issued by at least one year.

The gate Arab News Technical day drive launches a new range of possible services

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