Date shut down the Inbox app from Google

موعد اغلاق تطبيق Inbox من جوجلthe date of the shutdown of the Inbox app from Google

Date shut down the Inbox app from Google

In the past year, the company said Google it will cover the application of email Inbox by March 2019, to continue to focus on the application of the main post in the company of Gimli.

Revealed Google on the application of the NOx for the first time the system calls in October of 2014 , she developed all these five years to answer the Mail Gmail .

Promised Google has consistently recognized that features of Inbox app favourite users will be integrated into Mail Gmail before forcing anyone to leave this app .

Today it seems that the company has identified a specific date to end the service, which on April 2 next , in accordance with the notice started showing up for users of the app .

April 2 is the same day set by Google by to shut down the service another popular service is Google Plus.

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