Data breach barrage and steal 90 GB of files users!

It is known that the servers of Apple non-hackable, and even now the company hasn’t had any breakthrough real users know the risk, but this rule didn’t seem so certain anymore.

While can hackers access to servers of Apple, has been able to Australian citizen reaches the age of sixteen years and has a passion for Apple to do so, stealing 90 GB of files secure access to customer accounts.

The strange thing is that the teenager has to save these data inside the new file, and named him “hacky hack” in the sense of “hack the hack”!

The defense lawyer said about the hacker that it was top on the police wanted it to work I have Apple, but according to the laws of the work can not be accepted because it is still a minor, besides being an individual known in the community of the hacking international, which was a misread certainly to the reputation of Apple.

It seems that the inventor’s use of VPN networks and other systems to hide his identity and infiltrate the servers of Apple for almost a year, as it can access to passwords, which give access to the users must be extremely safe, but that “hack” has been an impeccable manner well lit mad Apple.

In spite of the attempt of the hacker to hide his identity, only that Apple was able to determine the serial numbers of laptops used to carry out attacks, and ended up to Australia, there are set the Australian Federal Police (AFP) your computer laptop, smartphone, and tablets, and discovered evidence of the process of the hack, including the folder “hacky hack hack” .

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