Dark mode.. why do greater damage than good?

It became dark mode (Dark Mode) is one of the most common terms in the sites technology having become an integral part of the operating systems of smart phones and computers.

It has provided all of Android 10 andiOS 13 dark mode as an option, a new appearance of the system under Settings, as developers the freedom to support the situation in their apps.. and operationalizing dark mode works the Black color instead of white in all Windows system and applications supporting, that turns the color of text from black to white or gray.

We’ve heard a lot about the virtues of dark mode les black in general, and it was said that it reduces the battery consumption of the phones and it is convenient to work and it is suitable for lighting low; this may be the primary motivation for the transition of the user of the situation shining (default) to dark mode.

The rationalization of the consumption of the battery?

Perhaps this is one of the leading causes of transmission of the user to the situation of the dark, but this fact is so much misunderstood, and even instructs the situation of the battery consumption, it must be the phone screen OLED, which is usually found in flagship phones only, and represent these phones a small proportion of the total smart phones in the market.

The secret is in the competence of the OLEDs with this feature is that this type of display does not require power to illuminate pixels of black that run into big in the dark mode; the be pixels black be redeemed for, unlike LCD screens which you to light up the pixels black in black.

Comfortable to work?

As for the rumor that the dark mode is convenient to work not healthy and not; likely the origin of the rumor to the fact that the dark mode is suitable for lighting dim, which I will come to talk about later.

The reply to this common comes that many studies have confirmed that to consider the background to black and text in white for a long time and uncomfortable for a lot of people, but the main go on strike sight may get weary eye, and the reading is more difficult for them when the background is black and text white.

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The proof of the validity of studies that, since at, we find books and come with white background or light color of most text in black or a dark color.

Suitable for lighting dim to?

It was said that the dark mode is suitable for lighting dim, and in order that it is more comfortable to use it in prior to sleep, the reason behind this assertion, that accompanies the White Radiance of the Blue understood by the mind of man that the light of the day, go to sleep from the eye of the user.

This is why true, he did accompany the white color issued from the young blue rays cause evening exhaustion, but Dark Mode doesn’t suffer the problem. What dark happening significantly in the blue, but at the same time causing stressful work because of the nature of color uncomfortable work as we mentioned, so the dark mode itself does not get rid causing it in blue actually normal.

It should be noted here feature “Night Mode” which has already been dark mode to phones and computers, this feature is based on a lot of Blue Ray associated with the color white by adding a filter on the screen, without causing any eye fatigue, but is more comfortable for them. If you want to find water on the phone or the case, look for the setup Night Light or Night Mode, where you’ll find water available for the entire system and its work on the applications of the opposition.

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