Cylindrical Mac Pro from the future (June 2013)

Before the appearance of this artifact on the shelves remained half a year, but it decided to show immediately. Sales of professional Macs declined for two consecutive years, and in June 2013 came close to the round in the nature of value… If in the hall someone was suffering from heart disease, would be the victim. The abundance of low frequencies in sound design inspired almost horror, but like no one was hurt. Faint echoes of invasion of the psyche six thousand “best personal friends” Phil Schiller have been preserved in video.

Reinvented (from scratch, as if he never was) a computer professional colors Space Gray cylindrical shape was clearly from somewhere in the next century, and even Millennium. At least, from another galaxy, where “designers”.

Like the first iMac.

The remaining unknown is a brilliant Director presentations all done very well, the membership made a strong impression. Disconnected the criticality of perception, and all that followed only increased the enthusiasm.

Technical data was the stunning appearance of professional computer of the future stunning, its volume was eight times less than the previous Mac Pro, it was five times lighter than its ancestor – and even a columnist from PC Magazine admitted that he was tired of the boring boxes professional workstations.

The only one who did not succumb to the General delight, was Steve Wozniak – on the background of General rejoicing his puzzled look was surprising.

At first glance everything was fine, and even if the impact of this device with users revealed some serious flaws – is the first professional model of the computer of the future, the deficiencies will be corrected…

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Sales were dropping silently…

The last major update to the professional line happened in 2010.

Update 2012 so, in fact, was not. A small speed bump. Speed boost and replace some components.

The expert community came to the only correct opinion: Apple decided to leave this segment of the market. iPhone, iPad, iMac and Apple laptops played in the Premier League, the Mac mini though, and behind them – but also brought the company money, and Mac Pro, apparently, was at a loss.

Even though the expert by the name Hedgehog was obvious that the direction to which attention is paid and which are not funded properly is doomed to decay. Looks like that’s what happened.

And appeared on the market the offer of “Hackintosh”, PC-NIS which provided for the possibility of installing OS X. In the old days, the legal Department of Apple quickly and rigidly suppress such actions, but not this time.

Meanwhile, Apple is plotting something in this area. Despite the secrecy, rumors of the Cupertino campus still leaked. There are “sculpted” something incredible.

And abandoned the direction of the classical professional computers lost footage, seeing the prospects and deciding not to sign the agreement about non-disclosure about something “insanely great, what can be known only to the participants of the project” people went.

Rather, they represented what was going on and did not want to participate.

The force of inertia

When Apple Computer introduced in 1998 the “home computer” something like a reincarnation of the Volkswagen beetle, the company was an outsider, a loser, she was on the verge of ignominious death.

And suddenly Steve jobs in a suit with a bow tie, and iMac. At a price almost two times higher than ordinary “household” PC-shki. Devoid of all the usual Macs communication ports and a drive for floppy disks. Instead USB, which at the time nobody used seriously.

iMac booed, razed to the surface of the planet and…

But this worthless and meaningless computer, contrary to the predictions of experts, had a fantastic success.

Then, there was the iBook, which booed, condemned, buried – but he again deceived all and not only survived, but has become the object of imitation.

Then there was the iPod. Then the iMac in the form Pixar’ovsky lamps, then iPhone, iPad…

In 2013, Apple was in the Premier League, it has already been held by the company with the world’s largest stock exchange by market capitalization, and with the exception of a small number of sceptics no longer doubt that she is able to repeat this achievement. Stock prices rise and fall, and Apple gets richer from year to year.

Now was another attack from Apple was constantly waiting for miracles, and the stock repeatedly directed down. Then, he recovered. Waiting for miracles has taught: sometimes it takes a lot of time. And now…

Cylindrical Mac Pro, a very decent (and some of the best) processors, and with a couple of the most graphics processors from AMD with unified thermal core for almost silent cooling, with six ports Thunderbolt 2 (and with a decent set of other ports), with backlight port switch on automatically when you need it – it was like a miracle, I was looking for.

The new system was accepted very well. It was contrary to long-held beliefs, but not to a greater extent than iMac, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, and the like. Until now, Apple, as a rule, turned out to be absolutely right.

What was wrong with the Mac Pro 2013?

This Mac Pro as not only “called”: a source of inspiration for Japanese designers of street litter bins, the head of Darth Vader, maker, urn for ashes – but neither before nor after any one professional computer in the world was not as pleasing to the eye.

Turning (it turned without much effort, but accidentally rotate it was difficult) the handle for the carry case can be removed, opening access to the RAM slots and sets the flash memory (SSD). Inside it was much nicer than almost all other computers in the world outside. Artifact from another world.

But something was wrong with him.

Professional workstation is noticeably a lot of money than computers for all, desktops buy, not for entertainment or pleasure: they invest money, it is a tool for many years.

The ability to upgrade for a computer of this class is a necessity.

Main processor (CPU) the new Mac Pro is installed in a socket LGA 2011, when he theoretically obsolete it can be replaced by something more modern – but access to it was very difficult. Two GPUs were not subject to modernization almost completely. Apple has optimized their setup.

In 2011-2013, when the cylindrical Mac Pro was developed and brought to the finish of the Shine, and it had a lot of talented engineers, ready to selflessly do something “insanely great.” Soon after 2013, they began to leave the company. Something in her was no more.

A draft update of the cylindrical Mac Pro was daunting challenging for those who have replaced inconvenient to communicate, but able to work miracles extraordinary people.

A sequel with technical details and should

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