Cybershoes.. shoes virtual reality changes the face of video games

You can now login to the world of video games with a lot of excitement and unprecedented, the cross shoes “stairs” Cybershoes, one of the extensions to the virtual reality VR that entice your acquisition.

Shoes are designed to virtual reality “stairs” Cybershoes to be worn directly on your feet or without take off your shoes, to begin a journey to play in virtual reality and sitting on the chair for rotation about its axis, as the bar stools., to become able to run and jump and pay attention complete freedom within the game, as if you were a true hero within a video game.

Keen shoe design virtual reality “stairs” Cybershoes that houses the roller cycle is very sensitive at the bottom of the insole, to form freely running or walking within the game to decide you your sole and only without leaving your place, to the side of the USB port to charge the shoe, and a removable cover in the case of the desire to change the batteries.

Successfully funding campaign shoes virtual reality “stairs” Cybershoes in the collection of the funding target, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, is scheduled to arrive home to his supporters by July next, the price of 259 $ (4,700 pounds).

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