Cyber attacks from activists and solidarity groups, declining 95% since 2015

الهجمات الإلكترونية من النشطاء والمتضامنين تتراجع 95% منذ 2015

There are a lot of cyber attacks, the organization and randomness, which was done around the world, while the part of governments, only that there is a big part of the blame, activists in different issues around the world especially as we see with the group Anonymous.

And IBM and its team X-Force to cyber attacks on public issues which comes from activists and solidarity groups, “Hacktivism” fallen 95% since 2015, as the attacks back to 2 in 2018, and in 2019 at the moment there wasn’t any attacks similar.

It was the group Anonymous is responsible for more than 45 attacks in this framework, they through 2016 has been the dismantling of a large part of them gradually in different ways through governments world and its electronic remote access to data and documents of important political and military deployed on the network, to have access to more than 62 people in the United States, Britain, Turkey, and jailed them.

Despite the decline of attacks dramatically during the financial period, except that IBM talked about the possibility of its return with the raising any of the issues of world opinion later.

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