Customers who have requested phone Galaxy Fold in advance will receive points as a reward

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Must Samsung to announce the launch date of the new phone its smart folding Galaxy Fold soon, but it seems that people who ordered this phone already started their patience is running out. To prevent them from canceling their orders advance, offering them the Samsung bonus on the form of points.

The price of the Galaxy Fold towards the 1980 USD, and available Samsung two points for every dollar you spend on smart phones. So, this means the points total of 3960 points. Can redeem 200 points to one dollar, this means a little less than 20 USD.

If you order the phone Galaxy Fold pre, check your Samsung account to see if you’ve got the bonus points. You can replace it in the position of Samsung official or in the App Store Samsung App Store.

Check the catalog to see what you can buy. However, there’s not much you can buy. For example, requires a cover and silicone protective phone Galaxy S10 about 6,000 points, so it is better to spend your points on apps.


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