Cryptopia when will you reopen? The main requirement to restart

Recall that the hacker attack began the evening of January 14 and lasted for a couple of weeks. During this time, with wallets crypto currency exchange stole tens of thousands of ETH on the equivalent of 16.1 million dollars. After breaking the new Zealand police together with international law enforcement bodies started an investigation. The militiamen returned to the office building a crypto currency exchange Cryptopia and allowed to resume trading. However, on February 24 on the official channel of the stock exchange the shell presumably one of the employees said that they are not ready to work.

Although law enforcement agencies have allowed us to run the exchange, we will become hurry. It would be foolhardy to resume work until, while we trace all the loss and not make sure full security of the vaults. In addition, new Zealand legislation prohibits the improper conduct of a trade that threatens the assets and property of the creditors.

And although in the beginning the representatives of the exchange did not want to admit the burglary, subsequently, the true cause was revealed. The hackers managed to attack 51% and empty wallets. Then stolen coins several batches were sold out.

But there is good news. It became known yesterday that the US government returned to a crypto currency exchange Bitfinex 27 of bitcoinsthat were stolen after breaking even in 2016. The coins were returned to the affected traders.

But users of the Israeli Bitcoin exchanger Coinmama less fortunate — hackers stole the personal data of 450 thousand people. As previously reported, the network has flowed not only personal user information but also information about credit cards and possibly even pictures, which were necessary for verification according to the rules of KYC.

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