Cryptopia comes. Users are allowed to cancel orders

In January of this year the new Zealand crypto currency exchange Cryptopia was under attack. Now she is recovering and preparing to re-start work. About it at least says that on Monday, the exchange allowed all customers to cancel their orders.

As reported by the exchange on Twitter, “the team does not stop working over a speedy restart of the exchange, and now users will be able to cancel their previous orders”.

API is still disabled, so you will need to cancel the orders through the website.

Literally following came a tweet, after which have the option to cancel all orders in one click. Now users will be able to close all applications for the sale and purchase, which is hanging from on January 14. All this time the positions were opened. And since many cryptocurrency experienced a significant jump, orders can bring both profits and significant losses.

If you want to cancel all orders, then you can do so on the account page in the section “Open positions”.

Earlier today the platform announced the restart in read mode. Users reported that the previous balance will be displayed in order to facilities for further rehabilitation procedures. In addition, they were advised to reset passwords and reset the data for two-factor authentication.

The ability to void orders — a forced condition, which will help the exchange to avoid selling any cryptocurrency cheaper than their current market price. In turn, the users praised the platform for a high level of transparency, which she maintained after the break. Known in the community, the user JBTheCryptoKing tweeted the following.

The level of transparency and communication of your team is impressive. The majority thought that it is a trivial Scam, but you surprised us. And we just continue to trade on Cryptopia 2.0.

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