Cryptomnesia create your own Bitcoin ATM and showed it in the video

A bitcoin enthusiast from Portugal under the name 21isenough made own cryptomath to exchange Fiat for coins, running through the Lightning Network. I wonder how long before such devices will be on every corner?

Of course, his creation doesn’t look much like cryptomath, but only so far. This cardboard box — a prototype of the ATM, which will allow exchanging Fiat Deposit bitcoins. Or rather, on Satoshi. The exchange is done in seconds, since the device runs on Lightning Network.

Let me remind you, Satoshi is the smallest fraction of a Bitcoin, or 0.00000001 BTC.

To program the device to recognize six types of currencies. The user inserts coins into the “coin slot” and presses the button on the toolbar, and then initiated the exchange process. Then on the smartphone you want to generate a QR code and show it in the camera ATM. So it will be generated online account Lightning, and the money is converted into bitcoins to wallet of the user.

The developer shared the video with his invention of Twitter. We recommend you to watch it.

The idea is so simple and brilliant that an anonymous Bitcoin enthusiast has caused a mini-furor at the conference Baltic Honeybadger 2019 Bitcoin, which was held in September in Riga. While the media coverage of his creation until now.

It’s important for people to understand that you don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin. You can purchase a very small portion of this expensive coin. This ATM will allow bitcoin to buy a 2-cent coin. It is about 200 Satoshi, you get Lightning in your wallet. Lightning Network is a brilliant technology, and I wanted to turn it into something more tangible.

The main point is the incredible simplicity of the device, because in theory anyone will be able to collect the same apparatus. At the conference mini-BitComet attracted considerable interest. After that, the Creator even thinking about producing a small batch LightningATM for sale.

The product may be a huge market, including corner shops, coffee shops — any shop can install such “apparatus for receiving surrender”. Store owners can empty them at least every day or even an hour, because they still need to make change for future customers.

Source: Unsplash

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The software ATM is built on the Raspberry Pi. 21isenough downloaded a full parts list and code on the developer portal GitHub. However, as he himself admits, is now “you must be sufficiently technically savvy to all by yourself build and run”.

In the short term the developer has set a goal to develop a light designer for everybody else. Also in the plans is the creation of a special chip, which will allow buyers just to unpack the parts, assemble them and start using.

According to the enthusiast, it aims mass adoption of cryptocurrency and dreams that every person can easily purchase bitcoins, even just getting rid of a heap of clattering coins.

Incidentally, this is not the first case when craftsmen carved alone a new device to work with cryptocurrencies. About a month ago we wrote about how an independent developer Justin moon brought its own hardware wallet where you can store your coins. If you missed this story, read it in this article.

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