CRYPTOMACH / Sale for the crypts, the top promising cryptocurrency, dirty games Bitmain and mining ETH

This issue of Cryptogamia closes the spring. Next, we have a hot summer, a new ASIC miners and forks. Meanwhile, let’s summarize the last week. She remembered mining in the office of Ukrainian police, a puzzle with a prize of one bitcoin and the first reading of the law on the cryptocurrency in Russia.

20 most interesting tokens on the platform Ethereum

The week began cool. Picked up 20 tokens on the basis of Ethereum, which deserve attention. The list features both the popular EOS, Tron and VeChain and less well-known projects.

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All or nothing: a man exchanged his house for money

A resident of Canada loves the crypt. For the coins he sold the apartment and took on extra work. Now lives in the car, and part of the salary is necessarily spent on new investments.

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The state Duma adopted in the first reading the draft law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies

The deputies approved in the first reading the law on coins. He does not recognize the cryptocurrency legal tender, but describes some operations with them. Details inside.

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Cryptologist celebrates pizza Day. Today they would have paid 82 million dollars

Eight years ago, Laszlo Hanic spent on two pizzas 10 thousand bitcoins. At the current exchange rates each of them would have gone for tens of millions of dollars. The story is crazy.

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Wit: Ukrainian police found at work mining farm and mined coins

The staff of the national police in the Rivne oblast have placed on the work of the mining farm. Later found out, the equipment was seized, and the miners were charged with the theft of electricity.

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Six undervalued cryptocurrency that can take off in 2018

If you are looking for options for investing money, read this article. It dismantled the interesting projects that I thought seemed promising.

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The owners of secret mining farm in the Orenburg compensated for the stolen electricity

In April, riot police opened disguised mining farm in Orenburg. She was on the territory of an abandoned factory, and found her energy. The incident is now almost exhausted. Owners of ASIC devices reimbursed stolen.

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“Bitmain playing dirty”: what happens with ASIC-mining?

Great article about the current state of ASIC mining. There is a theory that modern devices can be much more powerful. The producers clearly not laid out in full.

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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Gold hacked

Hackers carried out the attack 51 on Bitcoin Gold. As a result, their wallets appeared 388200 coins BTG. Criminals still own a large share of computing power.

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Fear Bitmain. GMO will introduce 7-nanometer ASIC miner for Bitcoin on June 6

Employees of Japanese GMO announced the presentation of the new miner for the extraction of the main cryptocurrency. It will be a 7-nanometer-and very powerful. Learn more in the first week of the summer.

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How to mine Ethereum? Profitability and details of the production of ETH

Painted the details of the production of the king of altcoins. Be warned once, with a small capacity is better to go to the pool. Odds are too low.

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Solve the puzzle. Payment in bitcoins

To become richer by one bitcoin will help the puzzle. The picture and logo of the coin. Try your hand. If you succeed, we the percentage for the tip.

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A new law on cryptocurrencies. What came up in the Duma this time

Dismantled the law on cryptocurrencies in Russia in minute detail. For example, after receiving the official status of a digital asset the main coin will be impossible to hide from the bailiffs. And the base tax rate for miners will make up 20 percent of the profits. Read, with the will to live after a couple of months.

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