CRYPTOMACH / RTX RTX 2070 and 2080 from Nvidia, a felony for crypt in Russia and the new Antminer from Bitmain

Today is the last Sunday of summer. It may be held over a glass of wine, but before that it is advisable to refresh the events of this kryptonite. We remember about new Nvidia cards with incredible hasraton, most expensive bitcoin world and the possible death of home mining due to the efforts of Bitmain.

Acicam don’t belong here: Hasrat Monero fell after hard forks coins

Monero community reported a fall Hasrat network. Event klassificeret as a victory over ASIC mining, which is called the road to nowhere. The fork against Asimov on the value of a coin is not affected.

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In Ethereum can receive fixed fees. How will receive the miners?

Acne Buterin proposed to introduce a fixed remuneration. Volatile of the Commission will remain in the past, and the cost of the transaction will vary depending on the intensity of use of the last block.

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Nvidia introduced the GeForce 2070 RTX, RTX, and RTX 2080 2080 Ti. Prices, description and capabilities of the new GPU

The main presentation of the week was the event Nvidia. The company showed a new generation of graphics cards, which works on the basis of the Turing architecture and supports ray tracing. In the end, the quality of games will rise to an incredible level.

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China has updated the ranking of the most promising cryptocurrencies. Who’s on it?

Employees of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the PRC has updated the current rating of the cryptocurrency. First place was taken by the EOS, which was able to take gold from Ethereum. Far bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency closes the top ten.

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Loose change: how much is the most expensive in the world of bitcoin?

In the world there are six coins in denominations of one thousand bitcoins each. In fact, they are privatemi for a hologram on metal, so security is questionable. However, the idea of cool — with this coin you can have fun the rest of your life.

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Bowing out: how Bitmain will kill home mining Bitcoin

The current trend in the mining market implying that soon mining cryptocurrency will deal exclusively with large companies. Herat will rise to the heavens, because of what the owners are a pair of three farms just can’t compete with the giants. I hope time is still there.

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Sailed: interior Ministry wants to introduce criminal liability for trafficking in cryptocurrency

A bill to cryptocurrency in Russia should take in the fall. However, this does not prevent the Ministry of internal Affairs now to think about the possible criminal liability for owners of coins. You may need to register with state agencies. At the same time as law enforcement officers will calculate hontarov — is unclear.

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How to earn 640 thousand dollars on cryptocurrency for a week and a half? The experience of the developers Ryuk

The developers Ryuk are certainly satisfied of their offspring. Virus-the extortioner is brought to the creators of 640 thousand dollars, and in just a week and a half. The victims of hackers were the big companies who had the money to mercy.

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Replacement acicam for ETH? Hasrat what to expect from the GeForce 2080 Ti and other Nvidia innovations

The experts shared their thoughts about possible Hasrat new Nvidia cards. RTX 2080 Ti is already being called the most powerful GPU in the world. Most likely, it will disperse to 140 megahira. In this case, the good of ASIC miner for Ethereum from Bitmain. His record is around 200 megahira.

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Waiting for the fall course: China has vowed to block 124 foreign exchange

The Chinese government does not exclude the possibility of blocking 124 foreign exchanges. Before the sight got the media and information society of the cryptocurrency. They were blocked in WeChat.

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Bitmain released the Antminer S9 Hydro with water cooling. Characteristics and profitability of new

Pleased Bitmain new Antminer S9 Hydro. The main feature of the model was the presence of water cooling. Hasrat is 18 teruhisa per second, and the consumption will be equal to 1728 watts. Interestingly, the working temperature of the chip will not exceed 5 degrees Celsius.

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Sale of Bitcoin is over. Book supercars at the end of the year

Technical indicator GTI VERA indicates the imminent completion of the sale of stocks bitcoins. Then comes the trend of buying, what the value of the coin according to the laws the economy should grow. The veracity of this information will be able to check in a few weeks.

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