CRYPTOMACH / Possible ban on mining by the state Duma, the strange collapse of the Bitcoin and Bitcoin2 pump

This week was summer-hot. Analysts were divided diametrically opposite predictions on Bitcoin: some promised to drop to $ 1,100, the other was sure to increase to 11 thousand. Also Anatoly Aksakov made a ban on mining in Russia, Justin San spent millions to have lunch with Buffett, and the Creator 2Биткоина told about the reasons of the jump of the exchange rate of Bitcoin. By the way, the miracles of growth showed Bitcoin2. Remember the most important thing.

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Bitcoin will fall to $ 1,100 before the next leap. Forecast analyst

April and may turned out to be for Bitcoin is very efficient: the beginning of the cryptocurrency movement with 4100 dollars, and even for a while turned out to be above $ 9000. It seems that stopping a coin is impossible, but the technical indicators do not agree. For example, the indicator glows red and NVT indicates a significant overbought asset. In the end, waiting for a drop to $ 1100.

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Rally Bitcoin — deception. Well-known economist advises to invest in gold

The rapid growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate this year have convinced not all. For example, Peter Schiff does not see a future in BTC as a currency or means of accumulation of capital. Instead, its investors are waiting for the collapse and loss of investment.

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What is the main difference of the current bullrun from the previous one?

Bullrun in 2017 has provoked problems with menulog. Turn on transaction was too big, which the Commission has grown substantially. This time it’s different. Nothing like that even close — the difference in value below 5.5 times.

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Why the rises and falls of Bitcoin? The opinion of the founder 2Биткоина

Mikhail Korolev shared his view on the causes of the volatility of cryptocurrency. Inside the examples of Consensus, the brothers Winklevoss and miners. And a lot of quotes and reflections. It is useful to extend existing boundaries.

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Bitcoin under threat of falling, what happens next? A detailed analysis of the trader

Technical analysis of the behavior of Bitcoin the trader of the Telegram chat 2Биткоина. MSTR remembered futures periods, analyzed the schedule and gave its forecast. In the last mentioned level above 11 thousand dollars.

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What will happen to Bitcoin after mining the last coin?

As of today the miners have extracted more than 84 percent of all bitcoins. Next will be more interesting. For example, by 2030 the owners of the ASIC will earn more on commissions than pay for the unit. And by 2040 the share of mined BTC will increase to 99 percent.

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Dumped Bitcoin? Network noticed suspicious transactions for 40 minutes before draining

On Tuesday, the market fell substantially: Bitcoin fell below $ 8,000. Interestingly, this was preceded by a large transaction equivalent to 213 million dollars, and has been followed by mass liquidation of long positions. And what happened plums.

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Minus one: the cryptocurrency exchange is closed and embezzled money from clients

The Polish cryptocurrency exchange Coinroom stopped working and embezzled money from clients. Before closing the user gave the day to withdraw funds. However, some did not have time to react, and others simply haven’t received their coins.

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As mine Aeternity? Features of cryptocurrency mining profitability and AE settings miner

Figured out Aeternity, which gives a good profit for miners. Sometimes yield coins even bypasses the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. In the article the features of cryptocurrency requirements for video cards and configuration of mining.

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Lunch with Buffett for 4.56 million did Justin Sana most popular in cryptomodule

The Creator of TRON will be the next member of the lunch with Warren Buffett. For it Justin San posted a 4.56 million dollars. The amount seems huge, but the meaning of this is. First, the money will go to charity, and secondly, Justin is already bathed in the rays of fame and popularity. Including among people who are not connected with the world of cryptocurrency. This is evident in the queries in search engines.

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Don’t believe your eyes: actually Bitcoin is always growing on a global scale

Last year was not the best for first cryptocurrency. The candles at the annual scale indicate the growth of Bitcoin, and serious. This schedule need to share with all friends of BTC haters. Perhaps they will change the attitude of the coin.

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“Bitcoin 2” is here. Scam brought 6300 per cent for the day and merged

The week will be remembered as the “triumph” Bitcoin2. The coin is a parasite on the glory of the main cryptocurrencies, and successful. BTC2 jumped to $ 26 and then went down. Anyway, someone well up on the growth rate. And someone is as well lost money.

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Fines on the approach: in the state Duma want to ban mining in Russia

The head of the Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov has opposed cryptocurrencies and their mining in Russia. Over the last even may face administrative liability. The only question will be whether this initiative in the near future.

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