CRYPTOMACH / Lock Telegram for cryptocurrencies, Ethereum transition to PoS and the theft of 10 million rubles

Ends in another week. The last seven days, with the market growth and renewal April peak of Bitcoins. We also learned about the future of Ethereum after the upgrade, Casper and met with the best countries for doing business of cryptocurrency. The most important thing in Cryptoimage.

What happens when Ethereum will switch to Proof of Stake (PoS)?

Longed, was one of the longest and most severe part of the texts on our website. Inside the advantages and weaknesses of Proof of Stake, the details of the new Protocol and a description of future miners. If you want to increase the level of knowledge and to better understand the current situation with the cryptocurrency market, be sure to read this article. And it is better two times.

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What altcoins will rise this week and why it happens

Monday also met the forecast for growth of altcoins. Candidates for the growth rate of steel Ripple, HireMatch and Komodo. At the end of the week they were joined by Litecoin, which began trading on the Korean Korbit.

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Best countries for doing tryptamines in 2018

An important text for those who are planning to leave the country in search of better conditions for business with coins. On the options list — Switzerland, Japan, Denmark and Estonia. Inside of the described reasons for getting the countries in the rating.

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Pornhub has announced it is accepting cryptocurrency as payment

On the implementation of cryptocurrency payments, the administration told the world’s largest porn site. Pornhub chosen as the debut of Verge. Experts believe the adult entertainment industry strongest catalyst for development, so expect future growth rates.

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Analysts have described the stabilization of the value of Bitcoin

The experts shared the joyous news. According to their calculations, the rate of the main crypto-currencies have stabilized. The huge swing of exchange rate is supposed to stop.

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How many coins you need to sell to drop Bitcoin to $ 200 for half an hour

In the middle of the week the exchange rate of Bitcoin dropped to $ 200, and this happened within thirty minutes. It turned out that the reason was selling large amounts of coins. Volume, rate and the name of the responsible exchange looking for in the article.

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What’s the real reason for blocking Telegram and how this is related to cryptocurrency

Journalists have received interesting data. It turned out that the real reason for blocking of Telegram in Russia was not the struggle with the terrorist threat and the risks to the traditional financial system. It can replace the cryptocurrency. To try the theory in practice officials did not dare.

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Pantera Capital CEO: now is the time to buy Bitcoin

After growth of Bitcoins was followed by strong statements of famous people. For example, the CEO venture Fund Pantera Capital said the current time the best opportunity to buy the main cryptocurrency. I hope Dan Marched did not lie.

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Classic Moskvich lost 10 million rubles when you try to sell bitcoins

Residents of the capital again lost money on operations with cryptocurrencies. This time the owner of the coins transferred to the buyer digital media, and the second just sat in the car and left. The case involved law enforcement.

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Bitcoin updated April peak. What’s next?

The cost of Bitcoin has updated the record this month. To 9000 is not enough $ 10. According to experts, the next line of resistance can be increased up to 10 thousand dollars.

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