CRYPTOMACH / Fall cryptocurrency, hacking Bithumb, the rehabilitation of Mt.Gox and a new record complexity of the network of Bitcoin

The main event of the last seven days — sharp drop in cryptocurrency market in the second half of the week. Coins are not recovered until now. Today noon for one bitcoin gave 5858 dollars for the air — $ 440, but for litecoin offered 77 bucks. There were other events. About them now remember.

Bitcoin wallet and handing it. How not to lose money

Monday started with informative articles. Told about the accrual basis of putting into Bitcoin wallets. It turns out, the coins will automatically come to the new address, which you cannot see in the wallet using the standard commands.

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How to buy a Metronome (MET) using the wallet. Step by step instructions

MET sell’s auction. The longer a coin is traded, the cheaper it is. With a new day value is reset and the process begins again. Painted the details of the purchase.

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Jimmy Wales: the blockchain and the math cannot be denied

The Creator of Wikipedia, shared his thoughts on the current state of the cryptocurrency market. Jimmy does not invest money in coins and has no plans to launch projects on the blockchain. Read to better understand the state of the industry.

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What is sharding? Explain the solution the scalability of Ethereum

Another educational article. Sharding will increase the speed of transactions in Ethereum network and reduce its workload. Understand in detail.

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Bithumb hacked. Hackers stole from the stock exchange of 31.5 million dollars, traders ‘ accounts frozen

Mid-week, hackers broke into the South Korean stock exchange Bithumb. The attackers seized the equivalent of 31.5 million dollars and leaders in response has frozen the Deposit and withdrawal of funds. The market responded sluggishly — then, like nothing happened.

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Hackers broke into an Internet cafe and earned 800 thousand dollars on a hidden mining

Mining can be profitable! Especially when you do it. Hackers used the computing power of the Internet café and got the money to pay for a pair of three lamb.

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Cobra: Bitmain controls 80 percent Hasrat network of Bitcoin

Another portion of criticism Chinese manufacturer of ASIC miners. This time the author was anonymous co-founder and bitcointalk under the name Cobra.

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The network difficulty of Bitcoin has set a new record

Former trader Max Keiser noted the growth Hasrat network of Bitcoin. The increase followed a jump from two weeks ago. The new devices join the network regularly.

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Wallets zcash for (ZEC) for Windows and Mac will stop working in June

Tomorrow after updating the network Overwinter purses zcash4win zcash4mac for Windows and for Mac will stop working. To work with ZEC, you need to upload a new program.

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Exchange Bithumb will compensate the loss of investors after the recent hacking

Bithumb responded quickly to hacker activity. Besides the stolen money to the users ‘ manual will compensate from its own reserves. Clients are certainly satisfied.

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Japanese court began civil rehabilitation, Mt.Gox. Creditors will receive payments in bitcoins

Yesterday the court of Japan has launched a procedure of civil rehabilitation exchange Mt.Gox. The Trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi will no longer sell large portions of coins and the market drop. Besides, traders will receive payment in cryptocurrency.

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The silence ended: Monaco spoke about the finished app wallet. Waiting for the crypto card Visa?

The representatives of Monaco back. In a letter to employees thanked customers for their support and spoke about the work of app Wallet App. Then we wait for the cryptocurrency card jointly with VISA payment system.

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