CRYPTOMACH / earnings on the fork, buy 40 thousands of bitcoins and an overview of the new miner

We start a new column — CRYPTOMAP. It will collect the most important news over the last week. Articles will be published in the second half Sunday. They will be able to fill in the gaps, to be aware of what is happening and just enjoy the evening.

Poland Central Bank admitted in financing anticryptogamic rollers

The week started with stress. The heads of the main Bank of Poland spoke about the funding anticryptogamic campaign. She remembered the video where the guy invested in coins and lost all savings. It was especially painful to see how he was unable to pay for the girl in the restaurant.

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All about masternode Pirl

Here everything is clear — to understand Pirl to pieces. Special emphasis is made on masternode. Have information on their start-up, profitability and working principle.

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MoneroV. How will the March hardfor pet drug lords

In March, the fork is waiting for Monero. And without that anonymous cryptocurrency will become more secure. The authors of the project argue that users will not be able to compute the blockchain.

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An anonymous trader bought 40 thousand bitcoins in four days and became a billionaire

This article should open at least from the screenshots. The trader bought five thousand bitcoins at a time. In the end, the balance exceeded 96 thousand coins, which enabled him to call himself a billionaire.

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AvalonMiner 821 — ASIC for Bitcoin mining from Canaan Creative

To obtain cryptocurrency is not only on the AntMiner from Bitmain. Example — AvalonMiner 821 from Canaan Creative. The main advantage of this model was the presence of white certificates and sales in Russia. Photos and details inside.

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Friends of the Russians with 100 thousand bitcoins appealed to the foreign Ministry

Police in Thailand detained a Russian citizen on the wallets which were more than 100 thousand bitcoin. His friends claim — Sergei Medvedev framed. For help addressed to the foreign Ministry.

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The Finance Ministry told Putin about absence of objections against a national cryptocurrency

Journalists learned about the Ministry’s letter to Putin. Representatives of the Ministry claim that it is not against the creation of a national cryptocurrency without public investment. Waiting for scriptural!

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In the Arctic from the apartment stole the mining equipment at half a million rubles

In the Murmansk region has stolen the equipment for the extraction of the crypts. The thieves showed ingenuity — got to the apartment on the first floor through the basement. To do this just broke the floor.

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Proposals for the purchase of El Petro exceeded one billion dollars

The Venezuelan President spoke about the success of national cryptocurrencies El Petro. He says the government has registered 292 thousand offer for the sum of over a billion dollars. Success, definitely.

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How to make money on the fork of Bitcoin — step by step instructions

This is a gift for readers for February 23 from the editor. It told about the fork and described in detail a method of earning on the old branches.

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Callisto. What to expect from the fork Ethereum Classic next week

The week closed details of the March fork Ethereum Classic. Waiting for him next week. Owners ETC will get CLO in the ratio of 1 to 1. The beginning of spring promises to be good.

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